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Clutching at Clerihews

I WAS introduced to a collection of clerihews the other day – A Clutch of Clerihews, in fact, (of people and places, of nations and races, of dorps, towns and cities, of different languages and ethnicities) — by an amazing man called Feo Sachs. It all began when I was trying to book a pet-friendly […]

Fangs, But No Fangs

IS IT only me, or is anyone else fed up with vampires? These days, it seems, you can hardly search for something to read or turn on the TV without stumbling across a gazillion vampire or werewolf-themed stories. And any day now – well, around November – there will be yet another Twilight movie. I’m […]

The Cradle of Language

IT’S logical really. If the cradle of humankind is in Africa – right here in South Africa, in fact – then it follows that language also began on our continent. And, guess what? A new study has discovered just that. According to Dr Quentin Atkinson, from the University of Auckland in New Zealand, every single […]

On the Scent of a Story

I’M A bookaholic. Have been ever since I learned my ABC. My folks even had to hide all the torches away so I didn’t spend all night reading under the bedcovers. The beloved once made a futile attempt to ban me from buying any more books – he reckoned the walls were on the verge […]

Like Candy from a Baby!

IT WAS a chance remark by my American friend Amy Potts that got me wondering about something I’ve done – quite without thought – ever since I was a little girl. “Seems a bit creepy,” she said. So I thought about it – and realised she was absolutely right. In an Easter tweet, Amy had […]

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