As newsrooms lie bleeding …

Freelance writer and editor James Pringle gets inside the mind of a sub-editor

“Certainly it was a shock to my system when I joined an agency and started to have my work covered with subs’ marks,” he admits on FreelanceFactsFile.
“It was like being back at school.

“Soon, however, I came to see the benefits of quality control, with a fresh pair of eyes spotting where hastily written copy might not explain points clearly, elegantly or in a way that risked no legal consequences. No matter how famous they are, writers should stop and think before acting the prima donna and making a fuss about people ‘interfering’ with their contributions.

“In these recessionary times, subs are becoming an endangered species in some organisations, but cutting costs by dispensing with them would be a false economy.”

(Picture by Florian)

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