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The Dakota Winters

A novel by Tom Barbash Originally reviewed for New York Journal of Books by Stevie Godson     It’s been 38 years since John Lennon was murdered by a delusional young man with a gun outside New York’s iconic Dakota Building, and although the singer is a central character within its pages, this novel isn’t that […]

Logical Family

A memoir by Armistead Maupin Originally reviewed for New York Journal of Books by Stevie Godson “Sooner or later, we have to venture beyond our biological family to find our logical one, the one that actually makes sense for us. We have to, if we are to live without squandering our lives,” says novelist Armistead […]


A Memoir by Patricia Lockwood Originally reviewed for New York Journal of Books by Stevie Godson EVERY man of God has two religions, according to writer Patricia Lockwood: one belonging to heaven and the other to the world. Her own atheist-turned-Lutheran minister-turned-Catholic priest father’s are the Catholic Church, and nudity. Well, near-nudity, anyway. His default […]

The Keiskamma Art Project …

by Brenda Schmahmann  Reviewed by Stevie Godson ALTHOUGH it was originally inspired by a hand-embroidered 11th century tapestry in the French cathedral city of Bayeux, the Eastern Cape’s own Keiskamma Tapestry is internationally recognised today and acclaimed as a work of art in its own right. That’s hardly surprising because it tells a quite different […]

The Accidental Life …

An Editor’s Notes on Writing and Writers by Terry McDonell Reviewed for New York Journal of Books by Stevie Godson  Here’s an irony: If ever a book title needed editing, it could be the one on the cover of award-winning American editor Terry McDonell’s new book. The Accidental Life it’s called—An Editor’s Notes on Writing and Writers . […]

The Latter Days …

… a memoir by Judith Freeman Reviewed for New York Journal of Books by Stevie Godson Born into a community of devout Mormons, it’s only when she starts kindergarten that Judith Freeman realises different lifestyles exist in the outside world: It’s apparently full of heathens and other interesting people. A feisty child, unafraid of speaking […]

Fall of Man in Wilmslow

by David Lagercrantz Reviewed for New York Journal of Books by Stevie Godson    WHEN Detective Constable Leonard Corell is called to a house in a quiet English suburb he discovers a man lying lifeless on his bed, white froth dried into a dribble of powder at the corner of his mouth, a half-eaten poisoned apple […]

The problem with filth filters

I’D NEVER heard of “the Scunthorpe problem” until about 4am on Tuesday, when insomnia saw me catching up on some reading matter over a large mug of freshly brewed coffee. What I did know was that Scunthorpe is in Lincolnshire, on England’s eastern side, and is the country’s largest steel processing centre. I’ve never been […]

The Road to Little Dribbling …

… by Bill Bryson Reviewed for New York Journal of Books by Stevie Godson   Billed as “a loving and hilarious, if occasionally spiky, valentine” to the author’s adopted country, Bill Bryson’s follow-up, two decades on, to his bestselling Notes from a Small Island, is sometimes that—and sometimes not. His famously droll way of highlighting the “small […]

Of luscious lips and sillypops

THERE’S nothing like a quick slick of lipstick to momentarily boost my mood. Little things, as the saying goes. Unfortunately, it was one of those little things — eye-shadow was another — that made my dear late mother-in-law slightly suspicious of me when we first met. An old-fashioned soul, she was probably worried I wore […]

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