Crack out the pimple cream

TYPOS are the scourge of any publication – online and in print.

Who hasn’t spotted one blighting their “pristine” prose from time to time – even those of us who make a living carefully weeding them out?

It’s like waking up with a glowing pimple on your face when you’ve got a hot date.

Word Cloud by Lance Shields

Thankfully, I don’t have to worry about dates these days. Just as well, really, as stressing constantly over what copy errors I may have missed is enough to have me breaking out in a technicolour rash.

I take even the tiniest typo personally. I feel it almost like a physical pain. If I’d been responsible for the excruciating error picked up by journalism website Fleet Street Blues this week, I’d have taken to my bed for at least a week.

As the FSB blog says, “… if you’re going to advertise a proofreading course – and one costing £680 (that’s a whopping R7,500 in my South African currency) at full price, no less – this is probably the kind of blooper you’ll want to avoid …”

Bet those responsible needed a whole crate of acne cream after that one!
I know I would have.

What’s the most embarrassing blooper you’ve ever missed?

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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Stevie Godson, Stevie Godson. Stevie Godson said: Crack out the pimple cream – a terrible typo […]

  2. Kyle Clouse says:

    They can be easy to miss. Especially the more comfortable in writing you become. I use Word to try and weed out typos but it doesn’t get them all.

    • stevieg says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Kyle. I know what you mean – it’s so easy for them to slip through. I use the Word spellchecker, too, but as you say, it doesn’t catch them all.

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