No Grammar Nazis Allowed …

I’M a word nerd.
I love a well-written article, whatever it’s about.
There are no ‘ifs’, ‘buts’ or ‘ands’ to my passion – that’s just how it is, so that’s what this blog is all about.
What it’s NOT about, though, is picking apart and criticising anyone who isn’t as comfortable writing in plain English as I am.
No Nonsense
Maybe that’s because I come at it not from an academic background but from many years of working for no-nonsense English language newspapers.
I’ve been a reporter, a movie, music and theatre critic, a books page editor, a sub-editor (or copy editor, in American English) and a columnist, and I’ve even written a complete newspaper style guide.
But I’ve never been a “grammar Nazi”.
I’ll leave that to those mean-spirited types who love to swoop down on the trivial “transgressions” of others.
I was trained to write in journalese which, according to Princeton University’s wordnetweb, is simply “the style in which newspapers are written”.
These days journalese sometimes carries negative connotations (hardly surprising, thanks to sleazy tabloids and lazy journalists).
At its best, though, it’s a very useful skill, putting the spoken word into writing that’s unpretentious, easy to understand and consistent.
I’m pretty good at it, and I’ll be posting regular hints and tips right here covering the basics of grammar, easy-to-remember rules, and just how you can improve your own writing.
Get in touch
Check in often. And if there’s anything specific you want to know or chat about, just contact me.
For a more serious take on journalese – the good and the bad – have a look at The Press Gang: The World in Journalese written in 2000 for The Institute for Cultural Research by Philip Howard, a leader writer and columnist for The Times.

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