Signs and Wonders

The only thing we're wondering about is what the treatment entails! (Pic supplied by Brian Heathfield)

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  1. kelvin mcmaster says:

    I do not understand Brian Hethfield’s confusion regarding this sign. If it is about the spelling of homoeopath, I suggest he consults an english dictionary as opposed to an american dictionary.While he is about it, he might look up homophobe

    • stevieg says:

      Hi Kelvin – Dear Brian’s not confused at all. It’s just a pic showing how ridiculous it is when people (especially those who are making permanent signs) don’t bother to spell things correctly. The caption to the pic is mine – highlighting, I hope, the ridiculousness!

      • kelvin mcmaster says:

        Hi Stevie. I am not sure what the point is here. Presumably it is about the spelling of homoeopath. The British Institute of Homoeopathy spells it like that. My dictionary lists it as such and says that “homeopath”, without the O is American.

        • stevieg says:

          It was just a bit of fun, Kelvin. Just showing how important it is for people to check out they have the correct spelling BEFORE putting signs up!

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