Apostrophe abusers nabbed

ALL’S well that ends well – almost – in the case of the punctuation-challenged Old Navy T-shirt advertised for sale to US college students last week. Lets go, it announced, to the horror of perfect punctuators worldwide. And now it’s gone – nabbed by the “Grammar Police” and taken into custody, say the makers, while […]

Words in the News … A Weekly Roundup

FROM Wired’s GeekDad Jonathan Liu, who says he’s a “stay-at-home dad, Etch-a-Sketch artist, community agitator, board game geek, and a voracious reader”: Old Navy Lets Go of Grammar “See what you’ve done, apostrophe abusers? You used up too many,” he says.   PAY attention, all you propeller heads … the new Chambers Dictionary list of […]

Grow Your Own Drugs!

ONE of the (very few) benefits of being too sick to go out – as I’ve just been – is that you occasionally discover a worthwhile television programme you didn’t know existed. It happened to me the other day. There I was, feeling very sorry for myself, mindlessly flipping through the television channels. My eyes […]

5 Quick and Easy Grammar Tips

  1. “The belief that ‘and’ should not be used to begin a sentence is without foundation. And that’s all there is to it.” (author Bill Bryson, from ‘Troublesome Words’) 2. YOU’RE means YOU ARE (the clue is in the apostrophe – it shows there’s something missing). YOUR means belonging to you. 3. UNIQUE means […]

Trashed by a Typo …

… or, How the Montblanc Meisterstück Diamond pen lost its lustre* I COULDN’T believe my eyes. There, on the back page of the latest issue of my favourite lifestyle magazine was a full page glossy ad for a Montblanc pen. Not just any old Montblanc pen (although, come to think of it, there probably isn’t […]

The Good Punctuation Fairy

GOT a pet grammar peeve? Arianna Huffington, co-founder and editor-in-chief of hugely popular news website The Huffington Post has. She goes red in the face over apostrophe abuse. I’m with Arianna. If it’s misplaced, an apostrophe can completely change the meaning of a headline, phrase or sentence, making nonsense of what you’re really trying to say. […]

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