Putting a name to it

IT BEGAN in the most unlikely way, my search for aptronyms. It was during the course of an animated cyber squabble some time ago about genetically modified produce. The “debate”, between a few like-minded journalists (myself included) and a large national retail chain, raged around certain social media websites for a while. Furious posts filled […]

Between You & Me …

…  Confessions of a Comma Queen by Mary Norris Reviewed for New York Journal of Books by Stevie Godson   “Let’s get one thing straight right from the beginning,” says Mary Norris. “I didn’t set out to be a comma queen. The first job I ever had, the summer I was 15, was checking feet at […]

Vex, Hex, Smash, Smooch: Let Verbs Power Your Writing

by Constance Hale Reviewed for New York Journal of Books by Stevie Godson VERBS, reckons author Constance Hale, run deep in our DNA. And yes, she says, you should take her literally because “the human version of the FOXP2 gene gives us our capacity for speech and therefore for verbs”. Well, okay, but by that reckoning […]

Missed Periods & Other Grammar Scares

… How to Avoid Unplanned and Unwanted Grammar Errors by Jenny Baranick Reviewed for New York Journal of Books by Stevie Godson With the current upsurge in popularity of salacious fiction, thanks largely to the stratospheric sales of “mommy porn” series 50 Shades of Grey — not to mention its myriad copycat offspring all skulking […]

Meet Miss Thistlebottom’s Hobgoblins

THERE are lots of dos and don’ts when it comes to English but one of the things I love most about it – despite my underserved reputation as a bit of a pedant – is that there are quite a few maybes, too. The art of the matter is, of course, knowing when they’re okay. […]

Apostrophe abusers nabbed

ALL’S well that ends well – almost – in the case of the punctuation-challenged Old Navy T-shirt advertised for sale to US college students last week. Lets go, it announced, to the horror of perfect punctuators worldwide. And now it’s gone – nabbed by the “Grammar Police” and taken into custody, say the makers, while […]

Words in the News … A Weekly Roundup

FROM Wired’s GeekDad Jonathan Liu, who says he’s a “stay-at-home dad, Etch-a-Sketch artist, community agitator, board game geek, and a voracious reader”: Old Navy Lets Go of Grammar “See what you’ve done, apostrophe abusers? You used up too many,” he says.   PAY attention, all you propeller heads … the new Chambers Dictionary list of […]

Words in the News … A Weekly Roundup

  Grammar Gone Wild? Not on My Watch, says this anonymous writer. “There I was, relaxing on the sofa after a hard day’s work… mesmerized by the television announcer’s soothing voice. He was describing the bountiful menu at a local delicatessen – and it seemed he was doing his job well, as I was starting […]

‘Enterprising’ commas

  The Eye of Shatner (pic by ssoosay) I CAME across a delicious “part of speech” the other day that’s too good not to share. It’s the “Shatner comma”. I’ve heard of the Oxford comma, of course, but this one’s completely new to me. I had a suspicion what it was all about, though. After […]

Can it, you spammers

I’VE been the victim of dozens of persistent spammers recently – or, at least, this blog has. (Though why they’d want to target a site that’s devoted to my passion for plain English, heaven only knows.) Judging from their mangling of the language, they could certainly use one or two of my free tutorials – […]

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