Pardon my kummerspeck

IT’S almost the end of another year, and the beginning of a stream of best-of lists – songs, books, websites, gadgets – in fact, almost anything you can think of. As a complete and utter word nerd, my own favourites are the dictionary top 10 word lists. Oxford Dictionaries were first out of the starting […]

Eggcorns are no yolk

A NEWSPAPER sub-editor’s lot is not always a happy one. Some of the boobs that slip into newspapers give readers a chuckle, at least. One of my favourites, spotted in a Johannesburg paper some years ago, was an obituary for a departed society doyenne. She was, said the report, a “grand old lay”.  What a […]

What’s a Crash Blossom?

WE’VE all giggled, I’m sure, over ambiguous newspaper headlines but they continue to slip though the editing net into just about every paper in the world, no matter how much their authors – usually sub-editors – sweat and stress over them. The problem, of course, is that the people writing the headlines know what they […]

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