Happy Birthday, Noah

I’VE often wondered how some of the simple American spellings of English words – color, center, humor, etc – came into being, and now I know. It’s all down to Noah Webster, apparently. Yes, that Webster, of Webster’s Dictionary fame (now the Merriam-Webster Dictionary). Old Noah – born on October 16, 1758 – worried about […]

Grammar Tip 4

An adjective is a word that describes a noun: Hannibal Lecter is a SCARY character.   Was this quick and easy grammar tip helpful? For more,  follow me daily on Twitter – @StevieGodson

Grammar Tip 3

    If the leash comes LOOSE you may LOSE your dog. For more quick and easy grammar tips, follow me daily on Twitter – @StevieGodson

Grammar Tip 2

  “So fun” is wrong (even though the mighty Oprah says it!). “Such fun” is correct. “So much fun” is OK, too.   Like this? Follow me on Twitter – @StevieGodson – for quick and easy  daily grammar tips

Twitter Tips

Watch out for my easy-to-remember daily Twitter grammar tips – starting today. Easy Grammar Tip 1: There is no such word as alot. Ever. Want more? Follow me on Twitter – @StevieGodson (These easy-to-remember grammar tips are also listed in the Word Nerds Tips and Tutorials page)  

Check out the Wannabe Hacks

FIVE young men. Five vastly different career paths. One capital city. All Wannabe Hacks. That’s the blurb on a creative blog I discovered the other day via one of my other favourites, Fleet Street Blues. “The Wannabe Hacks, as the name suggests, haven’t made it yet, but they’re well on their way,” said FSB. “… It’s a […]

The journalingo of Sarah Palin

EX-ALASKAN governor and US presidential wannabe Sarah Palin’s recent Twitter gaffe has elicited a whole load of laughs, as well as some more serious debate on the evolution of the English language. For anyone who hasn’t been following the furore, “the former vice-presidential candidate, who regularly uses the social networking website to communicate her views, […]

All of a Twitter

  Media websites had their feathers ruffled recently over an instruction supposedly given by Philip B Corbett, standards editor for The New York Times, to journalists working for that newspaper. In one of those all-too-familiar cyber-generated pieces of misinformation, it was reported far and wide that Corbett had banned the word “tweet” from the newspaper – […]

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