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Can it, you spammers

I’VE been the victim of dozens of persistent spammers recently – or, at least, this blog has. (Though why they’d want to target a site that’s devoted to my passion for plain English, heaven only knows.) Judging from their mangling of the language, they could certainly use one or two of my free tutorials – […]

A Matter of Taste

SOMETIMES I just think funny things. I stole that line from Dudley Moore’s hapless character in the classic comedy film Arthur by the way, but it’s true for me, too (which is why I stole it in the first place). What got me giggling this week was a jar of marmalade. You see, I’m always […]

Germ of an Idea

THERE’S apparently a move afoot to ban magazines from doctors’ waiting rooms in England, where the government’s health and safety watchdogs are driving most people to distraction with their over-the-top rules and regulations. The magazines, they say, are a “comfortable nest for various types of pathogens or disease-causing germs”, according to the Perfect Health website, which […]

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