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IF ACTIONS speak louder than words, then integrious actions speak even louder. And even though that strange adjective fell out of favour – and dictionaries – decades ago, it certainly fits the old adage. So as everything around us – not just here but globally – seems to be falling apart, thanks in no small part to corruption and dirty dealings by those who pull the strings, it’s about time we revived the word, reckons The Integrious Project (www.integriousproject.com).

One Beau Hodson is behind the push to reintroduce it to the English lexicon. Without it, he says, there’s “a true gap” in the English language.

Integrious is, of course, the adjectival form of integrity, which means the firm adherence to a code of especially moral values. It was in use from around the 15th century until it was “retired” from the Oxford English Dictionary in the late

“If we had a word to describe, to name, to call out a person or an act, or even better a self admission, we would become more aware of what integrity is, and what it means to us,” says Beau.

“If people could recognise the freedom and power that personal integrity can offer, the virtue would become more attractive.”

The cause – which even has its own Facebook page – is, he says, “about more than just the word, it is about connecting with and stimulating people to think about what personal integrity means on a broad scale and how it can be applied to our lives”.

“It is time for integrity to make a comeback and it is time we start taking integrity personally.

“Integrious the word is like many things of the past, a faint mark of obscurity symbolising a distant and nostalgic past where things were just plain ol’ different … The acceptance of this word can put a new focus on integrity, and this is exactly what we need.”

Well, maybe Beau’s right, although I fear the global rot’s set in a bit too deep for a mere word to make much of a difference. — Stevie Godson

(A version of this column first appeared in the Daily Dispatch)

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  1. Beau Hodson says:

    Great article Stevie, I really like how objective you presented the word integrious and our integrious project. I do agree with you about the global rot to a degree, although I have found that people inherently value and admire the virtue of integrity, but just dont realize it because they dont fully understand it and it’s application. I guess we will see 🙂

    I like your blog, and look forward to future posts! Keep up the great work.
    Beau Hodson

    • stevieg says:

      Glad you enjoyed it, Beau. I really hope integrious takes off – along with its application in our lives. Talk to you again soon, I hope. Stevie

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