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A report about a couple of American “word nerds” correcting signs and getting arrested for doing it had self-confessed South African word nerds Peter and Stevie Godson grinning in wry recognition. “That could have been us,” they thought.
The husband and wife team have been independently guilty of taking felt-tip pens to a variety of signs over the years – outside restaurants, in supermarkets, and even in five-star hotels.
Bad grammar and spelling mistakes in public places bring them both out in hives but, even so, it was funny when they each hauled out their pens and headed for the same sign in a restaurant. That was when they finally had to admit that they’re a couple of nerds when it comes to words.
A magnificent obsession …
Their obsession is perhaps not totally surprising as they’ve spent more years than they like to remember in the media, music and broadcasting industries.
Both began their careers in England as journalists on provincial newspapers. After moving to South Africa a few decades ago as newly-weds, they continued with their media careers on a variety of magazines and newspapers.
Their passion for Plain English is the reason they’ve created Word Nerds, which offers professional editing and related services, practical advice, and regular free tutorials and tips.
When they’re not working, they’re often to be found with their noses in the latest grammar guides – a couple of nerds, indeed.
… And a sparkling solution
Together, the Word Nerds will save you from your apostrophe catastrophe, dig you out of your punctuation pit, and ensure that your statements sparkle.
Best of all, you’ll never again have to worry about being misunderstood.

Meet Stevie and Peter Godson

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