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Toeing the line in 2011

I’VE resolved not to make any resolutions this year. It’s not that I won’t try to improve – especially when it comes to the Word Nerds blog – it’s just that I’ll emphasise the “try” rather than the “will”. Then, if I fall down, I won’t do what I usually do and give up completely […]

5 Quick and Easy Grammar Tips

  1. “The belief that ‘and’ should not be used to begin a sentence is without foundation. And that’s all there is to it.” (author Bill Bryson, from ‘Troublesome Words’) 2. YOU’RE means YOU ARE (the clue is in the apostrophe – it shows there’s something missing). YOUR means belonging to you. 3. UNIQUE means […]

Grammar Tips 6, 7, 8 and 9

Grammar Tip 6: ANYWAY means in any event. ANY WAY means in any direction or style. Grammar Tip 7: In UK English, WHISKY comes from Scotland and WHISKEY doesn’t (it’s usually Irish).   Grammar Tip 8: “I might of known” is wrong. “I might have known” is correct. Grammar Tip 9: It’s BLOND hair for […]

Grammar Tip 4

An adjective is a word that describes a noun: Hannibal Lecter is a SCARY character.   Was this quick and easy grammar tip helpful? For more,  follow me daily on Twitter – @StevieGodson

Grammar Tip 3

    If the leash comes LOOSE you may LOSE your dog. For more quick and easy grammar tips, follow me daily on Twitter – @StevieGodson

Grammar Tip 2

  “So fun” is wrong (even though the mighty Oprah says it!). “Such fun” is correct. “So much fun” is OK, too.   Like this? Follow me on Twitter – @StevieGodson – for quick and easy  daily grammar tips

Twitter Tips

Watch out for my easy-to-remember daily Twitter grammar tips – starting today. Easy Grammar Tip 1: There is no such word as alot. Ever. Want more? Follow me on Twitter – @StevieGodson (These easy-to-remember grammar tips are also listed in the Word Nerds Tips and Tutorials page)  

Are You Homophonic?

  If you are, you’d better watch out. And if you want your work to be taken seriously, you’d better be extra careful. It’s no good working hard on some great content for your blog or website if a carelessly included homophone turns it into a joke – unless it’s meant to be funny. So […]

Me and Him

Is this grammar goof just another reflection of our “me first” society, asks guest blogger KJ Elsdon EXCUSE me if I sound even more irritable than usual, but I spent most of the night lying awake, listening to the merry sound of British holidaymakers screaming and shouting outside my bedroom window. Living on the Costa […]

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