Anyone can write? Right?

Well, after a fashion.
Trouble is, not everyone can write clearly, correctly and concisely.
And that’s where the Word Nerds come in.
We’ve got the skill, the strength and the experience to make your words sing and your sentences sizzle.
There’s no getting away from it – bad writing gives a bad impression. Instead of getting the right message across, it often ends up doing just the opposite.
Not only that, careless or sloppy structure and grammar can make you seem incompetent, even if you’re not, putting off potential clients.
No need to cloud your message
Pretentious words and phrases can cloud your real message. Worse still, they intimidate the very people you want to impress.
And if that’s not enough to worry you, now there’s a new South African law that says you can be prosecuted if you don’t make sure your customers know exactly what you mean.
It’s more than frozen chicken
The Consumer Protection Bill isn’t only about frozen chicken and faulty goods. It’s also designed to stamp out the kind of language that has in the past – inadvertently in some cases but quite purposely in others – stopped people from understanding the documents they’re faced with daily, from the contracts they sign to the instruction manuals they often struggle to follow (Check it out under It’s the Law).
So if you need to get your message across – to a colleague, a client, whoever – you have to be able to say exactly what you mean in the plainest terms possible.
We can help
Don’t panic, though. Help is at hand.
Just contact the Word Nerds.
We’ve sharpened our pencils, in a manner of speaking, and donned our most nerdish gear (like the superheroes of syntax we are) and we’re ready to prune your prose, edit out your errors or completely rewrite your most important documents.

We’ll even write them from scratch as long as you give us all the information.

*(Determined do-it-yourselfers can follow our regular Tips and Tutorials. And if you have any grammar questions, just write in and we’ll give you the answers you need.

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